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All of Us Are Dead (Korean: 지금 우리 학교는; RR: Jigeum Uri Hakgyoneun; lit. Now at Our School) is a South Korean coming-of-age horror zombie apocalyptic series created by Lee Jae-kyoo, Chun Sung-il, and Kim Nam-su, and starring Park Ji-hu, Yoon Chan-young, Cho Yi-hyun, Lomon, Yoo In-soo, Lee Yoo-mi, Kim Byung-chul, Lee Kyu-hyung, and Jeon Bae-soo. The series, which is based on the eponymous webtoon, premiered on Netflix on January 28, 2022.


"A high school becomes ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak. Trapped students must fight their way out — or turn into one of the rabid infected."
—Official Netflix synopsis

A group of students trapped in a high school and find themselves in dire situations as they seek to be rescued from a zombie invasion of their school.[1]

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