BabyFirstTV is coming soon on August 15th 2013 to UK Netflix ! Sign up at, and create a profile, then go to, and subscribe to the tv channel. 1. How to create a profile & sign up : Go to, click on sign up and enter your password , username and email. If you already have a profile just sign in. Next, choose or create a photo to upload it, this might take a few minutes or seconds for larger photos, and there is your profile picture ! 2. How to subscribe to get baby first tv on tv: Go to, click on tv, click on the get us on tv button, then enter in your zip code and choose your tv service provider from the listed providers list of service provides in your area, if you are a Netflix subscriber , click on Netflix which will be listed soon. If you are not a Netflix subsriber , or not a subscriber to any of the listed providers, this means your service provider, dose not offer baby first at this time, you can always call to ask when it is comming up. If no service providers appear , there is non available at this time in your location. Pay £4 a month to keep baby first tv on your tv on it's legs . And that's how to put your baby or toddler first in line with the new tv network made for 6 months up to 3 year old tots. You will meet colour crew introducing colours, vocabularry introducing words, bloop and loop introducing shapes and objects , numbers around the globe introducing numbers and counting , abc galaxy introducing letters, peek a boo I see you introducing games and bonnie bear introducing songs and sounds and so much more !