Feel the Beat is an American comedy drama film, directed by Elissa Down. The movie follows April who returns to her small hometown after failing to find success on Broadway.


"After blowing a Broadway audition, a self-centered dancer reluctantly returns home and agrees to coach a squad of young misfits for a big competition."
—Netflix Synopsis

When talented, self-centered dancer April is banished from Broadway, she grudgingly moves back in with her dad in her small Wisconsin hometown. Trying her best to avoid everyone in her tight-knit community, including her first love Nick, April is reluctantly recruited by her former dance teacher to coach the town’s misfit group of young dancers. Initially believing she’s found the path back to Broadway, April gains so much more. A love letter to small towns, FEEL THE BEAT is a heartwarming comedy about chasing your dreams.


Cast and CharactersEdit

  • Sofia Carson as April
  • Wolfgang Novogratz as Nick
  • Donna Lee Champlin as Miss Barb
  • Rex Lee as Welly Wong
  • Brandon Kyle Goodman as Deco
  • Lidya Jewett as Kari
  • Sadie Lapidus as Oona
  • Johanna Colón as Lucia
  • Shaylee Mansfield as Zuzu
  • Shiloh Nelson as Ruby
  • Justin Allan as Dicky
  • Carina Battrick as Michelle
  • Kai Zen as June
  • Eva Hauge as Sarah
  • Marissa Jaret Winokur
  • Enrico Colantoni 




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