Hubert Pellegrini is a main character in the first part of Lupin. He is portrayed by Hervé Pierre.

Hubert is a powerful businessman and one of the richest men in France. When a diamond necklace, originally belonging to Marie-Antoinette, was stolen from his safe, he immediately blamed his chauffeur Babakar Diop, who was arrested and died in prison. As a result, Babakar's son Assane has always carried a grudge against the Pellegrini family.

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1990s[edit | edit source]

After employing him as his chauffeur, Hubert generally treats Babakar poorly, snapping at him in public and insulting him in private. To apologize for his behavior, his wife Anne allows Babakar to choose a book from their library to give to Assane for his birthday. Babakar chooses a collection of stories about the famed gentleman thief Arsène Lupin.

When an expensive diamond necklace that had originally belonged to Marie-Antoinette goes missing from Hubert's safe, he orders Babakar to be brought in and questioned. Although Babakar's fingerprints are found on the safe, he strenuously denies responsibility for the crime and begs Anne for help; however, she does nothing, and Gabriel Dumont, the detective in charge of the case, allows Babakar to be taken to the police station.

Hubert talks to Dumont about Babakar's claims of innocence

Afterwards, Hubert and Dumont discuss the situation regarding Babakar. Dumont tells Hubert that Babakar is continuing to claim innocence, and that if the necklace is not found, he will be released. Dumont also notes that Hubert had the insurance policy on the necklace increased shortly before it was stolen; Hubert claims that he had been told that is was undervalued.

More time passes, and the necklace is still not found. Dumont tells Hubert that Babakar is almost certainly innocent, suggesting that the fingerprints on the safe had been planted to incriminate him. Hubert, sensing that he is being accused of insurance fraud, tells Dumont that he has the police department in his pocket, and that he is in possession of powerful connections. Dumont responds that he intends to see the investigation through to its conclusion, no matter the outcome. However, after Hubert makes vague threats against Dumont's wife, he is able to convince the detective to get Anne talk to Babakar about signing a confession. He promises Dumont a promotion for his efforts.

Later, Hubert sells arms and explosives to a group of Malaysian terrorists, who go on to blow up the French embassy in Kuala Lumpur, killing eleven people. In 1996, a journalist named Fabienne Beriot publishes a book entitled Dirty Money: The Pellegrini System, in attempt to expose Hubert's corruption. However, Hubert and his lawyers challenge Fabienne with a record-breaking defamation lawsuit. Upon winning the suit, Hubert uses his influence to make sure that Fabienne will never work as a journalist again.

Present day[edit | edit source]

Hubert continues to manage his business empire, and maintains a strong relationship with his daughter Juliette, though he now appears to be estranged from Anne. After her conversation with Assane in Luxembourg Gardens, Juliette asks her father if Babakar was really the person who had stolen their necklace twenty-five years earlier. Hubert is surprised and angered to be questioned by his daughter, telling her that she has hurt his feelings. He asks Juliette if she stands with him or not; she tells him that she does.

Hubert becomes upset when Juliette asks him if Babakar was really the necklace thief

Some time later, a drone, piloted by Assane, enters Hubert's home while he is sleeping. It manages to get past his security system and examines some of Hubert's files; however, upon attempting to leave, it triggers the alarms, and Hubert is escorted by his security detail into a safe bunker. Hubert's guards manage to retrieve the drone, which has a note attached to it reading "I'll have you."

One day, while they are in a meeting, Hubert and Juliette learn that a twitter account with the handle @Salvator813 is threatening to release footage of Hubert selling arms to the Malaysian terrorists. Hubert tells Juliette, who is worried about the possible effects of the controversy on the launch of her new foundation, that the video is a fake. To assuage her concerns, Hubert gives a press conference in front of his house, affirming his patriotism as a Frenchman, asserting his credentials as a successful businessman, and challenging "Salvator" to show himself and prove his accusations. As Hubert is about to go inside, Fabienne, standing amongst the press covering the event, loudly asks him if he feels responsible for the Kuala Lumpur attack. Visibly enraged, Hubert tells the reporters that he will not be taking any more questions.

Hubert holds a press conference in front of his house

Hubert learns that "Salvator" intends to appear on a lowbrow talk show called The Other Edition, and, unbeknownst to Assane, he is present on set during the taping. When the footage of his dealings with the Malaysians is played, it becomes clear that Hubert has managed to have it doctored, eliminating all of the incriminating evidence. The heavily-disguised Assane leaves the studio in a rage, and Hubert orders him to be tracked down. Juliette, who has been watching the broadcast, calls her father and tells him that she thinks that "Salvator" is actually Assane Diop. Hubert instructs his associate, Leonard, to find Assane. Leonard's search leads to his murdering Fabienne and chasing Assane across the streets of Paris. When Leonard catches Assane with his family on the train to Le Havre, Hubert tells him to leave Claire and Raoul alone, but to kill Assane.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Hubert orders Leonard to kill Assane

Hubert is a shrewd, cold and calculating entrepreneur. He is able to foresee where situations will end up long ahead of time, and does not hesitate to use his money and connections in order to circumvent the law. Seemingly a self-made man, Hubert is devoted to his business empire, and strives to protect it from outside forces that he (often correctly) sees as trying to destroy it. However, his means of doing this are generally immoral, and he shows a callous lack of regard for the lives of those he must discredit in order to avoid legal difficulties. To insulate himself from criticism, Hubert regularly plays up his patriotism, seen clearly during his press conference after the release of the “Salvator” tweet.

Anne Pellegrini states that one is either with or against her husband; when somebody is against Hubert, he works hard at making their life a misery. Although Hubert is shown to have few qualms about ordering the deaths of those who may implicate him in criminal activity, he does not involve himself personally in these murders, instead sending associates such as Leonard to do the deeds for him.

In contrast, Hubert tends to be hands-on with regards to his work. Fabienne’s tape reveals that he personally sold arms to the Malaysian terrorists, and he continues to be enthusiastic about maintaining his affairs in the present day.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

The exact nature of Hubert’s relationship with his wife, Anne, is unclear. In the present day, the two appear to be living separately. Hubert is far closer with his daughter Juliette, with whom he works on several business projects. Juliette is unaware of the severity of Hubert’s crimes, and, wishing to believe her father innocent of Assane’s accusations, sides with him fully after the Other Edition fiasco.

Hubert regularly berated Babakar prior to his sentencing, even referring to him as an “ape.” He did not sympathize with Babakar’s situation as an immigrant attempting to provide for his son, and unlike his wife, he showed little care for Assane’s well-being after Babakar’s death in prison.

Ever since the conclusion of Babakar’s case, Hubert has maintained a close watch on Dumont, with whom he appears to be in regular contact. It is implied that Hubert may have helped Dumont acquire his current role as commissioner. The full extent of Dumont’s collaboration with Hubert remains unclear.

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Part One
Part Two

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"All this is a game, Inspector. A game with rules...and I make them."
—Hubert convinces Dumont to help him frame Babakar
"France is a country that one can be proud of. Our economy and our culture are envied and copied. Our influence over the world remains strong. And yet, for some time now, certain people have tried to damage the image of our country, and those, like myself, who love and defend it."
—Hubert at his press conference
"He wants to destroy us. But I won’t let him."
—Hubert talks to Juliette about Assane's intentions

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The surname “Pellegrini” is Italian in origin, and is most common in Tuscany.
  • Hubert and his wife Anne are the only major characters to be portrayed by the same actors in all of the timelines.

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