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Julie and the Phantoms is an American comedy series created by Dan Cross and David Hoge, based on the 2011 Brazilian series Julie e os Fantasmas by Paula Knudsen, Tiago Mello and Fabio Danesi. The series follows Julie who finds her passion for music and life with the help of a high concept band of teen boys who have been dead for 25 years.


"Teenage Julie finds her passion for music and life while helping the Phantoms -- a trio of ghostly guys -- become the band they were never able to be."
—Official Netflix synopsis

Cast and Characters

  • Marci T. House as Mrs. Harrison
  • Victoria Caro as Kayla
  • Booboo Stewart as Willie
  • Vicky Lambert as Mrs. Kelly
  • Jennifer-Juniper Angeli as Emily
  • Guilherme Babilônia as the Maitre'd
  • Steve Bacic as adult Trevor Wilson (Bobby)
  • Denise Jones as Principal Lessa
  • Kyra Leroux as chorus performer
  • Jaron Melanson as AV student
  • Alison Araya as Aunt Victoria


Season One


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  • Executive producer Kenny Ortega also directed Disney’s Descendants Trilogy. Kenny Ortega previously worked with Jadah Marie, Booboo Stewart and Cheyenne Jackson in Descendants 3.
  • This is Kenny Ortega’s first project that features an open LGBT character.
  • One of the Top 10 things trending on Netflix in the first week the show premiered.

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