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Katla (stylized as KATLA) is a Scandinavian science-fiction thriller created by Baltasar Kormákur. It is Netflix's first Icelandic series. The series is about a small town changed forever after a volcano eruption.


"The catastrophic eruption of subglacial volcano Katla turns a nearby community’s world upside down as mysteries begin to emerge from the ice."
—Official Netflix synopsis
"One year after the outbreak of a violent eruption of the subglacial volcano Katla, the peace and tranquility in the small town of Vík has been dramatically disturbed with the eruption still active. The ice near the volcano has been melting, the area has been evacuated and only a few remaining people manage to provide the necessary community service in the village, which is now only accessible by crossing the Markarfljót river. The grand area has turned out to be somewhat apocalyptic and Vík is declared a danger zone."
—Official Netflix Press Release

Cast and Characters[]

  • Guðrún Eyfjörð as Gríma
  • Íris Tanja Flygenring as Ása
  • Aliette Opheim as Gunhild
  • Ingvar Sigurðsson as Þór
  • Þorsteinn Bachmann as Gísli
  • Sólveig Arnarsdóttir as Magnea
  • Björn Thors as Darri


Season One
  • From Under the Glacier
  • Ása
  • The Mother
  • This Is Not Him
  • Northerly Winds
  • Gríma
  • The Rock
  • I Am You



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