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La influencia (English: The Influence) is a Spanish horror movie written by Michel Gaztambide, Ramsey Campbell and Denis Rovira. It was released internationally on Netflix, October 11, 2019.


"Back in their childhood home to help her sister care for their comatose mother, Alicia must face a dark force from her past that now threatens her child"
—Netflix Synopsis

Alicia moves back to her home town to look after her dying mother, however she finds that she is haunted by her childhood memories and struggles with an evil force that has taken over the household.


Alicia is a nurse who moves from the busy, metropolitan city to her little home town, Dueso in order to look after her ill and dying mother, Victoria. Victoria is connected to a ventilator to aid her breathing after falling into a coma following three years of terminal illness. Alicia moves back home with her husband, Mikel — who is unemployed — and their daughter Nora. Alicia meets up with her younger sister Sara and their mother's carer, Ana.

Despite returning home to look after her mother, Alicia tries to come to terms with her difficult and complex childhood thanks to her mother, a witch turned crazy following the death of her husband, Alicia and Sara's father. While in the port town, Mikel finds a job and Ana meets a quaint little girl, Luna who's strange behaviour begins to affect her.

Noticing the strange behaviour her daughter is experiencing, and finding her mother's Wiccan tools, Alicia suspects a dark plot centred around her daughter by her mother. It is eventually revealed that Victoria is spiteful having been denied the right to die and now seeks a different kind of immortality and is willing to harm her granddaughter to get it. Alicia must race against time and her own mother to save her daughter before it is too late.

Cast and Characters[]

  • Manuela Velds as Alicia
  • Maggie Civantos as Sara
  • Alain Hernandez as Mikel
  • Claudia Placer as Nora
  • Emma Suarez as Victoria
  • Daniela Rubio as Luna
  • Ramon Esquinas as Abuelo
  • Felipe García Vélez as Tio Pedro
  • Mariana Cordero as Srta. Mejido
  • Marta Castellote as Ana
  • Sofia Tolino as Alicia Nina
  • Berta Sanchez as Sara Nina
  • Iratxe Emparan as Bea
  • Daniel Curras as Electricista Cotarello
  • Carles Cuevas as Fran




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