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Netflix is a multi-million dollar streaming platform that has distributed and produced content that has either been produced in-house by Netflix themselves or that they own the production and distribution rights to; these are known as Netflix Originals and are available on the streaming platform in most countries where Netflix enjoys a large presence.

Types of Originals

While Netflix does produce many of its own Originals in-house, there are also cases wherein Netflix has acquired the rights to call multimedia "Netflix Originals", there are four different categories of Originals.

  • Netflix Original Programmes: These are programmes that have been produced and commissioned in-house by Netflix production crews themselves. Netflix owns 100% of the rights to these programmes and are one of Netflix' main Original's. The first Netflix commissioned programme was House of Cards, which appeared on the streaming platform February 1, 2013. Netflix currently has 42 commissioned programmes such as Stranger Things, Ozark and Orange Is the New Black.
  • Netflix owns international rights: These are programmes in which Netflix exclusively owns international streaming rights to the shows. They may not have been produced by Netflix and may be available in their home territory without Netflix Original branding, however in countries where Netflix owns the streaming rights they are Netflix Originals. In home territories, these shows may be available on different streaming platforms and are not exclusive to Netflix. Examples include Star Trek: Discovery and Bodyguard.
  • Co-Production: Much of Netflix's Original catalogue is made up of programmes that they have co-produced with another company but have retained the right to market them as Netflix Originals. Netflix may not own 100% of the rights to these programmes, with the other production company retaining some of the control. Examples of these include Frontier, Lilyhammer and Troy: Fall of a City.
  • Continuation of a canceled show: These are programmes which have originally been produced, distributed and marketed by other production companies or networks (such as the CW, FOX etc.) but have been canceled for many different reasons. With a strong fanbase, Netflix often may buy and/or acquire the rights to these shows and carry on producing them under their own brand as a Netflix Original. Examples of these include Lucifer, Black Mirror and Designated Survivor.



  • Netflix currently has 2,343 Netflix Originals in its catalogue[1]


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