This is a full list of every single standalone wiki for each Netflix Original.

  • A standalone wiki is an entire external wiki dedicated to a single Netflix series, and it includes in-depth details on the characters, episodes and more. What may usually have a standalone wiki is a TV series that isn't non-fiction, has several episodes, and is also in English language. These wikis are connected to this one, because this wiki has a wiki page on the series and that page links to the character and episode pages available on the standalone wiki.
  • A mini-wiki is a series of pages revolving around a single Netflix original miniseries or movie, where in-depth details on the characters, episodes, and more can be found inside this wiki and not on a separate wiki. The list of mini-wikis can be found here.
  • A wiki page is a single page dedicated to output basic information about the Netflix original movie or series. Every single Netflix original has a wiki page, but not a full wiki, which means there is no documentation for characters/episodes. What usually doesn't have a full wiki, and just a single page are movies, international series, documentary films, documentary series, reality TV, and stand-up comedy specials.

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