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There are several ways you can help out on this wiki:

  • Movie plots: First and most important thing you can do is add a plot for Netflix original movies. You can visit such pages by going to the incomplete articles category. Write the plot on your own and do not copy and paste them from Wikipedia or other movie databases, because this won't benefit the wiki for several reasons (plagiarism, lower site rankings, etc.).
  • Addition for character and episode pages: Netflix has hundreds and hundreds of original movies and TV shows, and due to its enormous catalog, individual wikis for TV shows or even movies are often made. Note that not every single Netflix show has a standalone wiki by itself nor it'd often need one. If a movie or an international or small TV show doesn't have a separate wiki, you're free to write down pages for the characters and/or episodes on this wiki. Alternatively, check out Special:WantedPages to see if there are pages you can add.
  • Promotional media: If a Netflix original movie or series is missing promotional images or a trailer/teaser, try to add them here. Just 2-3 screenshots of the show can be enough for the promotional images section, but you can optionally add more if you wish to do so. If there is a trailer or teaser of the show available on Netflix's YouTube channel but not on the page of the show, feel free to add them.
  • Uncategorized pages: Categories are more than just tags, they're also an important way to navigate the wiki. Check out Special:UncategorizedPages and adding at least a category or two is enough.
  • Other tasks you can also do are adding tables for information about episodes that don't link to an episode page available on this wiki or an external wiki, adding tables for awards and nominations of the movie/TV show, checking Special:ShortPages and see if there is anything that can be deleted or expanded, and more.

If you do even some small contributions on any of these tasks, you'll have a chance to be featured as the editor of the month on this wiki. Good luck!

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