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Stacy De Novo, later Princess Stacy of Belgravia, is princess consort of Belgravia and a talented baker who owned Stacy’s Sweets and Treats bakery in Chicago, USA, with Kevin Richards, her best friend. One year after the events of the movie, she marries Prince Edward at the end of the movie and becomes Princess of Belgravia. She is one of the two main protagonists of The Princess Switch and The Princess Switch: Switched Again. She is portrayed by Vanessa Hudgens.

Throughout The Princess Switch[]

At the beginning of the movie, Stacy is a high-strung baker recovering from her breakup with ex-boyfriend Paul. She is surprised to learn that Kevin has entered them in an international Christmas baking contest held in Belgravia. Initially, Stacy is reluctant to spontaneously fly to Belgravia and compete, but an encounter with Paul and his new girlfriend changes her mind.

Stacy arrives in Belgravia with Kevin and Olivia. When the three visit the baking competition area, Stacy bumps into a woman on her way to clean her apron and is shocked to find that the woman is her real-life doppelgänger. Even more surprising, her could-be twin is the Duchess of Montenaro, scheduled to marry the Prince of Belgravia on New Year’s Day.

The Duchess, Margaret, invites Stacy to the palace for a cup of tea. There, she proposes a plan: Margaret longs for a taste of ordinary life without the hassle of being a royal, and wants to switch places with Stacy for a few days before her marriage to Prince Edward. Since Edward will be away attending a meeting abroad, Stacy will experience the life of a duchess and to-be bride without any problems. Mrs. Donatelli, Margaret's trusted assistant, is also in on the switch.

Stacy and Margaret switch clothing and teach each other their history and mannerisms. Everything goes smoothly until Edward unexpectedly returns, having decided to spend more time with his fiancée before the royal wedding. Stacy and Margaret are both caught off-guard, but Margaret refuses to return to the palace earlier, so Stacy has no choice but to spend time together with the Prince.

On the first day of her royal life, Stacy has breakfast with Edward and his parents, King George and Queen Caroline of Belgravia. King George notices that Stacy behaves differently from Margaret, and suspects that something is off with the bride-to-be. He instructs his assistant, Frank De Luca, to keep a close eye on the "Duchess".

As days of her new royal life go by, Stacy finds herself falling for Edward. At the charity ball, Stacy plays the pianoforte with Edward, shares an intimate dance with him and even gives him a kiss on the cheek under the mistletoe. Edward has also fallen in love with Stacy and gifts her a necklace bearing the Belgravian royal family crest with the words "Truth, Honor, and Love”.

Stacy and Margaret switch back, but they are both crestfallen as Stacy has fallen in love with Edward and Margaret has fallen in love with Kevin.

However, Frank De Luca spots Stacy and Margaret together in the suite. Shocked and pleased, Frank takes pictures of the two, planning to expose them. He takes the pictures to the King, but Queen Caroline intercepts. She finds out that Margaret has a doppelgänger: Stacy. Connecting the dots, the Queen figures that Stacy and Margaret switched places, and that for the last few days, the Duchess of Montenaro was, in actuality, Stacy. Instead of presenting the awards at the Belgravian baking contest, she proposes that Margaret and Prince Edward do so. Margaret tries to back out, as she knows that Stacy will be there and that they will be exposed, but the Queen insists.

The night before the baking competition, rival Brianna sabotages Stacy by cutting the wire of her KitchenAid mixer. On the day of the competition, Stacy is forced to purée berries by hand. However, Stacy still beats Brianna and wins first place, with Brianna as runner-up.

When Stacy sees Edward and Margaret presenting the awards instead of the Queen, she tries to back out of the ceremony by insisting she and Kevin leave to catch their flight. However, Kevin insists that she accept the medal with him. Margaret is wearing sunglasses, so, at first, Kevin doesn't realize that Margaret and Stacy look identical. When she removes her sunglasses, Kevin is left stunned and reeling. The four go backstage for Stacy and Margaret to explain.

Stacy and Margaret admit that they switched places. Edward tells Stacy he loves her, but Stacy is overwhelmed and flees. Edward follows her out and proposes to get married next Christmas if she's still in love with him. Stacy tearfully accepts.

A year later, Stacy and Edward marry, and Stacy becomes Princess of Belgravia.


Stacy is a highly organised person and has an uptight personality. She plans everything beforehand and is reluctant to act impulsively. She loves baking and is highly talented in it. She obsessively follows schedules.

Physical Appearance[]

Stacy is a pretty, petite young woman with dark hair and brown eyes. She bears a shocking resemblance to Margaret, the Duchess of Montenaro.


  • Her favorite book is The Little Prince.
  • She has a secret handshake with her goddaughter, Olivia.
  • It is revealed in the 3rd installment of the franchise that her family is from the Philippines.
  • She is still bitter about getting kidnapped.