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Sweet Girl is an American action thriller film directed by Brian Andrew Mendoza in his feature directorial debut and written by Gregg Hurwitz, Philip Eisner, and Will Staples. Jason Momoa fights for his family in this high-octane action-thriller co-starring Isabela Merced.

Momoa and Mendoza are produced the project with Brad Peyton and Jeff Fierson of ASAP Entertainment[1]

To raise awareness of the film’s key themes of love of family and strength in the face of adversity, UFC and Netflix produced a short-form video that demonstrates youth self-defense techniques, entitled “How to Fight Like a Sweet Girl”.[2]


"A husband vows to bring justice to those responsible for his wife’s death while protecting the only family he has left — his daughter."
—Official Netflix synopsis


Amanda Cooper is diagnosed with cancer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ray learns that a potentially life-saving medicine for Amanda has been taken from the market as a result of BioPrime CEO Simon Keeley's new commercial strategy. Ray calls in while watching Keeley on a live discussion with Congresswoman Diana Morgan and threatens to murder him if he doesn't reverse it. Keeley dismisses the warning, and Amanda dies soon after, leaving Ray and their daughter Rachel devastated. Six months later, Ray receives a call from Martin Bennett, a reporter who claims he can assist him in bringing Amanda to justice.

They meet in the subway, where Rachel and a hitman named Santos are unwittingly following them. Bennett reveals that BioPrime has been bribing anyone who questions their nefarious activities, including the pharmaceutical company that created the medicine Amanda required to save her life. Bennett is killed when Santos assaults them. Santos stabs Ray and knocks out Rachel as the train approaches a station, leaving them both on the platform before boarding the train.

One of Keeley's bodyguards attacks Ray, and Ray accidentally kills him and Keeley as he tells him that Chairman Vinod Shah signed off on the hits. Ray has been investigating Keeley on his own for the past two years. He infiltrates a gala honoring Keeley and interrogates him about the bribery and the hit on Bennett. One of Keeley's bodyguards attacks Ray, and Ray accidently kills him and Keeley as he tells him that Chairman Vinod Shah signed off on the hits. Ray brings Rachel to a motel outside of town, where they hide. Rachel approaches FBI Agent Sarah Meeker, concerned about Ray's thirst for vengeance, and tries to persuade her to investigate BioPrime. Two mercenaries come into the motel the next morning, and Ray murders both of them, severely straining his relationship with Rachel. Ray decides to pursue Shah, and Rachel persuades him to accompany him.

Ray tries to question Shah in his car, but he is slain by Santos, who has been following Shah. Ray convinces Santos to reveal his employer, Diana Morgan, at a diner, and the three agree to meet again in Pittsburgh. When they arrive, however, the FBI spots them and pursues Ray to a baseball stadium's roof. Rachel breaks into Morgan's office, where she confronts Santos once more before murdering him. She confronts Morgan and tapes her admitting to being bribed by BioPrime and ordering the attack on Ray and Bennett. Rachel sends the tape to Meeker and boards a plane to an unknown future, knowing that her parents would always be there for her.

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