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Vincenzo (Korean: 빈센조; RR: Binsenjo) is a Korean romantic crime-comedy series created by Kim Hee-won and Park Jae-beom. The series follows the notorious Korean-Italian lawyer Vincenzo who isn’t afraid to lend his bloodstained hands to beat the untouchable conglomerates in their own game.

The first episode of Vincenzo premiered on Netflix on Saturday, February 20th, 2021. It will broadcast a total of 20 episodes, with new episodes arriving on Netflix every Saturday and Sunday until the series finale on Sunday, April 25th, 2021. Episodes of Vincenzo will be broadcast on tvN in South Korea before arriving on Netflix the same day. Each episode have an approximate run time of 60 minutes.


"During a visit to his motherland, a Korean-Italian mafia lawyer gives an unrivaled conglomerate a taste of its own medicine with a side of justice."
—Official Netflix synopsis


Prologue & Intro[]

Vincenzo's Origins[]

In Seoul-Korea around the year 1993, Park Joo-Hyeong (Song Joong-Ki) was raised by his single mother, Oh Gyeong-Ja (Yoon Bok-In), until she was jailed for the death of her boss. Gyeong-Ja was a housekeeper for Mr. Hwang (CEO of Shinkwang Bank). When he sexually assaulted her, Gyeong-Ja pushed him back and caused him to be critically injured when he fell. Mrs. Hwang witnessed the entire incident and decided not to call for help and let her husband die from his injury(s), allowing her to succeed as the new chairman of Shinkwang Bank. Mrs. Hwang framed her husband’s death on the housekeeper. Gyeong-Ja initially fought against the injustice but eventually gave up fighting and lost her case. She was sentenced over 20 years to jail and slated for execution. She also had stage 3 lung cancer and expected to die, but she somehow recovered. Unable to care for Joo-Hyeong, Gyeong-Ja gave up guardianship over her (8 year old) son and was later adopted by an Italian couple. Joo-Hyeong would go to Italy and later joined the Cassano mafia family. Adopted by Don Fabio Cassano, he has been remade as Vincenzo Cassano, an Italian lawyer, consigliere for the mafia, and one of Fabio’s best men.

Wusang's Anti-Public Defender[]

Hong Cha-Young (Jeon Yeo-Bin) is the daughter of public defender Hong Yu-Chan (Yoo Jae-Myung). Yu-Chan founded Jipuragi Law Firm to fight for the injustices of the little people and Cha-Young followed in her dad's footsteps to become a lawyer as well. Unfortunately, Yu-Chan was so busy fighting for others that he didn't have much time with his wife. When Cha-Young's mother died, she resented Yu-Chan for always fighting for the people and not be there for his wife. Cha-Young rejected her father's philosophies and craved money and power. The two develop a love-hate relationship as she joined Wusang Law Firm, a company that supports the rich and powerful (everything her father is against) to spite him. She would become Wusang's top performing lawyer and ruin her father's efforts whenever she has the chance. Disappointed in his own daughter's lack of conscience, he "disowned" her, denying his daughter could ever be so ruthless.

Babel Group's Shadow Chairman[]

Babel Group's chairman, Jang Guk-Han had two sons. His first son is Jang Joon-Woo/Henry Jang (TaecYeon) and the second son from an illicit affair, Jang Han-Seo (Kwak Dong-Yeon). As young adults, both sons didn't have much love for their father. When Guk-Han was hospitalized 2 years prior, Henry made sure the doctor helped him expedite his death. Being a young inheritor of the Babel Group, Henry decided to work in the shadows and had Han-Seo act as a figure head to his kingdom. In between all of this, he attended to Stamford University for an American education. He came back to Seoul without telling anyone of his true identity; he joined Wusang Law Firm and ended up as Cha-Young's intern. Although he showed romantic interest in Cha-Young, she always made it clear they're friends. Unknown to everyone, he's been directing Han-Seo to further his objectives with Babel Group's research and development in new drugs and electronics while quietly observing as an unassuming intern. A sociopathic man of greed, rage, and violence, Joon-Woo will threaten and hurt anyone that stands in his way.

Main Story[]

Leaving Italy & Returning to Seoul[]

In Italy, Don Fabio has died. However, he tasked Vincenzo (consigliere and adopted son) to take care of a matter after his death. Mobster Emilio killed Union President Carlo and took over the Grecco Vineyard and the union. Fabio considered Carlo a brother and wanted to rectify the matter even after his death. Vincenzo came to broker a deal with Emilio, but with Fabio dead, he wasn’t interested and made racial insults towards Vincenzo. With the backing of the Lucino Family, Emilio wasn’t afraid of making his stand. Vincenzo left, but not before lighting up the place. Counting on Emilio to reject the offer, Vincenzo had a pilot pretend to spray pesticide to the vineyard, but it was really gasoline. As soon as Vincenzo walked out, he dropped his lighter and scorched the entire vineyard as he drove away.

At Fabio’s funeral, Vincenzo came to pay his respects to Fabio one last time. Paolo wasn’t happy with what Vincenzo did, thinking he could’ve done the job later. However, Fabio entrusted this matter to Vincenzo’s discretion, much to Paolo’s ire. Paolo was jealous because of Fabio’s trust in Vincenzo but didn’t trust his own son; Vincenzo reminded Paolo that Fabio didn’t trust him because he was careless, went against his word, and harmed women and children. Paolo asked for more respect now that he’s the new boss; Vincenzo warned his respect is given as long as he deserves it. Offended by his words, Paolo tried to kill Vincenzo. Paolo sent three assassins to kill him in the dark of the night, but Vincenzo expected betrayal and killed his killers instead. While flying to Seoul, Vincenzo called Paolo and intentionally blew up his car after he left it. He didn’t kill Paolo out of respect for Fabio, but warned he’ll blow him up in the car next time if he follows him. As a final word, he told Paolo he wasn’t worthy of being the boss.

Five years prior, billionaire tycoon Shaolin Wang entrusted Vincenzo and his assistant, Cho Yeong-Un (Choi Young-Joon), to build him a secret vault to hide 15 tons of gold within Geumga Plaza. An aging building (mixed commercial and residential), the two bought the building and secretly built the vault under the plaza. Secured with a biometric sensor, the vault can only be opened by Wang and any attempt to tamper the vault will activate countermeasures to collapse the plaza to protect the gold. The shadow team that built the vault and hidden the gold were killed to assure absolute secrecy. While Vincenzo is the true owner, he entrusted Yeong-Un to act as owner and building manager while he's in Italy. When Wang suddenly died, nobody knew about the vault except him and Yeong-Un. Vincenzo decided to take the gold for himself and split a cut with Yeong-Un when the time comes.

Moving to Geumga Plaza & Helping Jipuragi[]

In Seoul, Wusang is in a middle of a court case battle. Babel Group is attempting to release their new pain management drug: RDU-90. However, several patients died of heart failure during their trial phase and it's believed RDU-90 is the cause of it. Wusang Law Firm is defending Babel Group while opposing council is attempting to prove RDU-90 is unsafe and that Babel coerced the patients to make a false statement(s) to silence others. Unfortunately, Cha-Young managed to find the whistleblower and bribed him to change his statement in Babel's favor. Due to the sudden change in statements, the trial was moved to a later date. During this time, Vincenzo arrived to Seoul and took a taxi ride to Geumga-dong. Unfortunately, the driver was a thief. He drugged Vincenzo and stole most of his belongings, leaving him on the side of the highway. Cursing Korea and his misfortunes, he still had ₩50,000 (~$44.49 USD) and took a bus to make it to Geumga Plaza to meet with Yeong-Un.

At Geumga Plaza, Yeong-Un prepared a room, money, clothes, and other materials for Vincenzo. As the two review matters, Yeong-Un told Vincenzo that most of the commercial buildings have been bought off by Babel Group's real estate division, Babel E&C; a small group of residents that work and live at the plaza remains on the third floor. Yeong-Un explains that Yu-Chan (of Jipuragi Law) established an Opposition Committee and has been resisting Babel. Because the remaining tenants don't like Yeong-Un, they all give him unpleasant looks as they observe the floor. With Destiny Piano, piano teacher Seo Mi-Ri (Kim Yoon-Hye) appears as a ghastly being. At Jeil Dry Cleaners, Tak Hong-Sik (Choi Duk-Moon) steams his clothes with a threatening look. Chef Toto (Kim Hyung-Mook) gives a menacing look within his Arno Italian Restaurant. Expressionist dancer Larry Kang (Kim Seol-Jin) scares Yeong-Un at his Go Step Dance Studio by behaving like a zombie. At Mr. Pawnshop, the couple, Lee Cheol-Wook (Yang Kyung-Won) and Jang Yeon-Jin (Seo Ye-Hwa), displays a violent temperament. At Yeongho Snack Bar, Kwak Hee-Soo (Lee Hang-Na) is publicly disciplining her delinquent son, Kim Young-Ho (Kang Chae-Min). Overwhelmed by such characters, Yeong-Un assured the next tenants are stable. At the Nanyak Temple (right above where the vault lock sits), the master monk is sitting on top of Wang's vault.

Back on the 3rd floor, Yu-Chan introduced himself with the Opposition Committee. Vincenzo introduced himself to the tenants and explained he's an Italian lawyer; he has no practicing powers and only consulting with Yeong-Un. While there are assurances the building won't be sold, the group doesn't believe Yeong-Un will honor his word. Vincenzo assured them they'll have something to declare after the consultation is done, but everyone remains skeptical. After a rough shower, Vincenzo reviewed his mother's case. The court seems to already made up their minds that Gyeong-Ja is guilty, not even her lawyer would help. Vincenzo was still hurt and angry when his mother gave up on him; he never revealed himself but observes her situation from a distance. The only person that's still fighting for his mother is Yu-Chan, her public defender.

At the dance studio, Vincenzo and Yeong-Un had a meeting with the tenants. Vincenzo assures they'll be drafting legal documents to sign, a contractual agreement that promises to give them a place to stay and work when the building is rebuilt. The tenants reluctantly trusted Vincenzo, but Yu-Chan privately told Vincenzo that he still have doubts about him as he represents rich and powerful men and not the people. The worst feared scenario happened when henchmen of Babel took Yeong-Un's wife and daughter as hostages. They beat him and forced him to legally sign away ownership of the plaza over to Babel. Yeong-Un tried to explain his situation to Vincenzo and apologize for his actions, but a large truck rammed into his car.

Park Seok-Do (Kim Young-Woong) is the gang leader of Babel E&C's removal team and announced to the tenants they are the new owners and have a group of thugs ready to clear them out. Believing Vincenzo betrayed them, Yu-Chan tried to defend the tenants until one of the thugs started to mess with him and Cha-Young stepped in to protect her dad. As the thug was ready to punch Cha-Young, Vincenzo appeared and took out the strongest thug and gave Seok-Do a bloody nose. When Seok-Do tried to retaliate, Vincenzo threw Seok-Do out the window, hanging to life by measuring tape. Vincenzo, threatened to throw Seok-Do off if his men don't back off and they remained a distance. After getting assurances that Seok-Do will back off, his men grabbed him back up and broke his word, intending to attack them. However, Vincenzo already called the cops and reporters. This forced Seok-do and his men to back off for now.

Inside the law office, Yu-Chan thought Vincenzo made a grand performance, not once believing that Yeong-Un signed away the plaza to Babel under duress. Vincenzo made it clear he'll find a way to regain the plaza back. Outside, Cha-Young talked to Vincenzo, curious about his unusual attachment to the building. She knows he's fighting for the building for greater reasons than he can admit, but left the matter alone since since can't figure it out yet. Back at the plaza, the committee feels Vincenzo betrayed them, but Yu-Chan feels there's not enough evidence to suggest he did; Yu-Chan intends to find out is Vincenzo is on their side or not. At the hospital, Vincenzo came to see Yeong-Un. He survived the truck impact, but suffered neck and head injuries. Despite the severity of his wounds, Yeong-Un warns Vincenzo that if Babel demolishes the building, they'll find the gold.

Back at Jipuragi, Yu-Chan saw on the news the whistleblower that ruined their case admitted to perjury. Nam Joo-Sung (Yoon Byung-Hee), Yu-Chan's assistant, felt the case is over. Surprisingly, Vincenzo appeared to ask for information about Babel Group to understand how to deal with them. Yu-Chan is still suspicious of Vincenzo, but Yu-Chan took a leap of faith and decided to give him full access to his information as they are out of ideas themselves. Cha-Young returned to her father's firm in attempts to gather information on what they're up to and surprised her dad is being friendly and supportive of Vincenzo. While having a meal together, Cha-Young warned Vincenzo to not get involved as it would be a waste of time. During this time, Wusang's director, Han Seung-Hyeok (Jo Han-Chul) meets with public prosecutor Choi Myung-Hee (Kim Yeo-Jin) to convince her to join Wusang. She has been a government prosecutor for 20 years and used the law to help downplay the corrupt actions of officials and sweep their concerns under the rug. Tired of being underappreciated, she quit her job and joined Wusang as the firm's partner and new team leader. While at a ice rink Henry is giving Han-Seo a beating (in full hockey gear) for his debacle in the lawsuit against Babel.

The following day, Vincenzo had Yu-Chan take him to see Na Deok-Jin of Babel's Investment & Development division. Without an appointment, Vincenzo presented a fake Bill of Indictment for threatening and abetting an abduction, forcing the receptionist to summon Deok-Jin. At the meeting, Vincenzo made it clear he plans to give Deok-Jin a taste of his own medicine. Deok-Jin tried to show how tough he is but Vincenzo grabbed him and applied pressure on his shoulder. Vincenzo warned Deok-Jin to back off or he's not going to play nice. As the two left, Yu-Chan was impressed by Vincenzo's skills in aggressive negotiations. At Wusang, Myung-Hee introduced herself to the team and didn't impress Cha-Young, but her co-workers were happy to see Cha-Young taken down a peg.

Back at the office, Yu-Chan is convinced a demolition team will soon come for the plaza the they must find a way to stop them. Now drinking at a nearby restaurant, Yu-Chan mentions about Vincenzo's mother and her situation. He told Vincenzo that she suffered a great deal of injustice and has resided to her fate as karmic fate. On the topic of the people suffering, Vincenzo admitted he only recently felt that angering feeling to see injustice for the commoners. In a meeting at Wusang, Cha-Young learns that Babel is pressing on with their demolition at the plaza. Irritated how her father and the tenants continue to fight, she expresses their foolishness with Henry. Still worried for her father, she personally sought her dad and found him having a hangover breakfast with Vincenzo. It was during that time, a missing scientist called Yu-Chan about testifying against Babel; Yu-Chan rushed out to meet with him and entrusted Vincenzo to handle all concerns. Cha-Young warned a demolition team will be coming for the plaza tomorrow night at 11 and she wants the tenants to be evacuated before something terrible happens. Vincenzo was surprised she has a caring side for the tenants, but she denies this and assures she's looking out for her dad.

Nearing 11 P.M., Cha-Young remained concerned over the gang members going after her dad. She decided to rush off to the plaza to see what's happening. During this time, Seung-Hyeok and Myung-Hee learned one of their scientists has escaped quarantine (the same one that called Yu-Chan earlier). Seung-Hyeok tried to get Cha-Young, but she blew him off to make sure her father was okay. At the plaza, Cha-Young as surprised an entire Italian themed party has being hosted at the plaza. Vincenzo used social media to invite a large group of people, including the Italian ambassador to Korea as a shield against the demolition team. When Seok-Do's men arrived to remove the tenants, they were forced to retreat to avoid a public incident. Both Yu-Chan and Cha-Young was impressed by Vincenzo's cleverness.

Vincenzo and Cha-Young would chat at the promenade. Cha-Young wondered why would he spend all this money to host a party and protect the tenants; he reasoned it's because he fell in love with the plaza. However, Cha-Young still believes he must have an angle with the building. With the ambassador calling for Vincenzo, he tells Cha-Young to relax as they party through the night. Back at Wusang, Seung-Hyeok and Myung-Hee express their dismay due the plaza's delayed demolition. Cha-Young clarifies she didn't want to inform them about the plaza to spare them from worrying, but assures them she'll take care of the matter. Myung-Hee warns her that if things aren't handled well, Cha-Young will be fired.

The following day, the Opposition Committee celebrated as they fended off the gangsters and now has a positive view of Vincenzo. At Wusang, Cha-Young had Henry look into Vincenzo's history and surprised he's clean. Henry had hoped Cha-Young would consider dating, but she made it clear she don't date with people she works with; he wonders if she's interested in Vincenzo instead. During this time, Vincenzo as been going to Arno's to taste the Italian food and always gave it a bad rating. He knows Chef Toto lied about his credentials but challenges him to make a true Italian dish whenever he has the chance.

At the International Crime Response Agency, Agent An Ki-Seok (Lim Chul-Soo) is responsible for monitoring Italian-related criminal movement in Korea. As soon as Vincenzo landed, he reported this matter to his superior, Tae Jong-Gu (Kwon Tae-Won). However, Jong-Gu didn't feel Vincenzo was a threat and expected Ki-Seok to leave the matter alone. Unwilling to believe Vincenzo was harmless, he decided to personally investigate the matter on his own. He infiltrated Geumga Plaza and convinced Chef Toto (Kim Hyung-Mook) to let him apprentice under him to master his Italian cooking while secretly tailing Vincenzo.

At Jipuragi, Vincenzo believes Babel is trying to proliferate drugs into Korea; RDU-90's addictive qualities could jumpstart a nation-wide addiction like the Opioid Crisis. While Yu-Chan worries about the corruptive nature of this problem, Vincenzo heads to the Nanyak Temple to help install heating pads. The monks originally wanted to install a boiler to heat the bottom of their floors. However, that would risk exposing the safe and triggering countermeasures. To avoid the problem, Vincenzo offered them free heating pads to satisfy their needs without risking the vault. Later in an abandoned area of the building, Vincenzo found Young-Ho hanging out with his delinquent friends. When he tried to tell them not to smoke, they argued they're already rotten. Impressed by his watch, Vincenzo offered money if they throw away their smokes. However, the punks tried to attack Vincenzo, only to be dispatched by him. Alone with Young-Ho, he made it clear he'll check on him to make sure he behaves. Agent Ki-Seok was observing Vincenzo's movements and he was confused to see a mobster would act so kind and caring; he thinks Vincenzo has turned over a new leaf.

Delaying Babel[]

During this time, Babel whistleblower, Min-Chul, realized how evil Babel can be. Babel carelessly tested RDU-90 on test patients that died from their treatment. Shaken from the death of a patient, Min-Chul defected. He reached out to Yu-Chan to talk about the horrific things Babel has done for profit and wants to testify, under the condition that Yu-Chan can protect his family. When Yu-Chan couldn't guarantee his family's safety, Min-Chul refused to testify. Vincenzo wanted Yu-Chan to give up fighting this matter as they hit a limit; Yu-Chan doesn't relent and insist fighting. Yu-Chan would get a phone call about Joo-Hyeong's pancreatic cancer affecting her and brought Vincenzo along. Yu-Chan knew they are mother and son and wanted the two to spend time together. Vincenzo awkwardly introduced himself without revealing his true identity, but he still has mixed feelings about his mother.

While Yu-Chan is helping Min-Chul, Cha-Young has been searching for him to contain the ramifications if he testify against Babel. During this time, Cha-Young relents to a mandatory company dinner by Myung-Hee. During the dinner, Myung-Hee makes the employees perform to entertain her. When it was Cha-Young's turn, she intentionally danced and imitated Myung-Hee's exercise routine as a symbol of rebellion. After the dinner was over, Myung-Hee grabbed Cha-Young by the neck and warned her she'll be ousted for any mistakes and drove off.

In a private meeting with Deok-Jin, Vincenzo reveals he knows about Deok-Jin's secret and illegal dealings in accepting bribery from real estate agents, including detailed copies of his texts, and pictures of his mistress. Vincenzo uses this intel against Deok-Jin to pressure him to delay demolition of the plaza for two months. Showing true fear and anxiety, Deok-Jin tried to reason he can't delay things for two months, not even a month. However, Vincenzo made it clear if he doesn't give him two months, Deok-Jin's deeds will be exposed.

Yu-Chan reached out to Cha-Young to talk about Babel at their home. He's trying to tell Cha-Young the dangerous nature of Babel attempting to proliferate an addictive pain killer into the Korea. However, Cha-Young feels this is all conjecture and there's no reason to believe a massive drug addiction problem is looming. As Cha-Young leaves and bumps into Vincenzo, she warns him to not fill her father with conspiracy theories. However, Vincenzo warns Cha-Young that she is too blind to see the reality of things.

Back in the house, Yu-Chan and Vincenzo share drinks. Vincenzo was curious about his mother and Yu-Chan reveals she only has 6 months left. Yu-Chan reveals he knows their connection because he saw him in court 5 years prior, seeing his frustration for his mother's unjustified guilt at court. After seeing Vincenzo again, standing by the jail, Yu-Chan knew Vincenzo is Joo-Hyeong's son. Meanwhile at Babel Pharmaceuticals, the quarantined scientists that were quarantined at a villa were all killed. Henry need to cut loose ends and had a hitman stage a gas explosion, killing 14 people except for Min-Chul.

Yu-Chan's Death & Cha-Young's Resignation[]

After learning about the explosion, Yu-Chan and Vincenzo headed to the villa. Yu-Chan was outraged that such an explosion was written off as an accident by the police. The deaths of these men also hinder his chances for victory against Babel. Yu-Chan wanted to get through to see what can be done, but the police stops him and Vincenzo pulls him away. Vincenzo warns Yu-Chan if he continues this path, his life could be in danger, but Yu-Chan didn't care as he wants to get justice for the fallen. After Min-Chul realized what had happened to his co-workers, Min-Chul decided to testify for the deaths of his comrades.

Back at the plaza, Vincenzo had a meeting with the Opposition Comittee. He has declared that he intends to buy nearby mall where the group can restart their lives free of charge. The group was skeptical over how generous Vincenzo could be, but the group reluctantly places their faith and trust on him. Back at Jipuragi, Cha-Young came to have another spat with Yu-Chan about his litigation affecting her life and angrily stormed off. Later at night, Vincenzo found Cha-Young drinking at a nearby convenience store. Vincenzo told Cha-Young to go see Yu-Chan to reconcile. While drinking with Vincenzo, Yu-Chan drinks with frustration between his loosing battle with Babel and Cha-Youngs anger against him.

During this time, Myung-Hee had dispatched professional killers to dispose of both Yu-Chan and Min-Chul. While Yu-Chan was taking a smoke, Min-Chul tried to call Yu-Chan over his dire situation. Unfortunately, Min-Chul couldn't escape his killers and they murdered him. After Yu-Chan came back, he told Vincenzo he believes that it takes a monster to fight other monsters and asks could Vincenzo be that monster. Vincenzo told Yu-Chan about Min-Chul's call and just as he picks up, a truck rams through the restaurant, killing Yu-Chan and critically injuring Vincenzo. Cha-Young arrived to see the crash and react in shock of her father's death.

Emergency services came to recover both Yu-Chan's body and rescue Vincenzo. While Vincenzo remains unconscious, Cha-Young took care of the funeral alone. While completing her father's funeral, Cha-Young sees the news. The reporter tells the public that Yu-Chun is a corrupt lawyer that has violated the attorneys-at-law act and perjury. The report goes on to say that in Yu-Chan's recent case with Babel, he extorted, bribed, lied, and threatened people involved the case. After a lifetime of fighting for the people, Yu-Chan reputation was publicly destroyed. However, Cha-Young and those than know Yu-Chan knows this is a lie. For those that Yu-Chan has fought for, they all came to pay their respects with messages of condolences and thanks. Cha-Young would visit her dad's grave with Henry, not once realizing Henry's role her Yu-Chan's death. With Yu-Chan dead and his reputation ruined, the Babel court case ended and RDU-90 can continue development once again.

It has been over 9 days and Vincenzo remains in the hospital bed. Cha-Young has been at his side, hoping he'll wake up to tell his side of the story. After complaining how she's paying a great deal of money for his room, Vincenzo awaken to assure he'll pay her back. While driving, Cha-Young saw news of Min-Chul's body found and it was ruled a suicide, but Cha-Young suspected otherwise. Cha-Young finally realized the lengths Wusang and Babel are willing to go to further their cause; she went back to the office to declare her resignation.

Cast and Characters[]

  • Song Joong-ki as Vincenzo Casano/Park Joo-Hyeong
  • Jeon Yeo-been as Hong Cha-Young
  • Ok Taec-yeon as Jang Joon-Woo
  • Yoo Jae-myung as Hong Yoo-Chan
  • Kim Yeo-jin as Choi Myunghee/Myeonghui
  • Kwak Dong-yeon as Jang Han-Seo
  • Cho Han-cheul as Han Seung-Hyeok


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